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gymnastics coaching

physical preparation
... including nutrition, injury prevention & management

polevaulter, ex-gymnastGymnasts are the most fit athlete, pound for pound. Physical preparation & injury prevention are key to success. Gymnastics is ideal preparation for any other athletic endeavour.

new Should Female Gymnasts Lift Weights?, Sands, McNeal, Jemni, Delong Conclusion: Weight training based on high-intensity low-repetition sets is likely to improve the performance of most gymnasts by increasing strength with minimal muscle hypertrophy.

Parallette Training Guide, Jay Thornton & Stephen McCain
Excellent advice, great photos, advanced boys conditioning.

Building an Olympic Body through Bodyweight Conditioning, Christopher Sommer
A top men’s coach explains how using body weight resistance develops strength. Planche, levers, photos.

More body weight conditioning articles (various authors) from DragonDoor.

new strength training - hanging V-sit and variations, Rick McCharles. Article by Christopher Sommer, conditioning guru. GymnasticsCoaching.com

Talk to Female Athletes about Nutrition & Weight Control, Sean McCann

Strategies to Minimize Injuries and Lost Time in the Gym, Dr A. Jay Binder, Technique.

new Gymnastics Rips on the Hands, Rick McCharles

new Get a Grip on your Rip, Rik Feeney

Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Gymnastics, by Price, Price & Haselow-Dulin (Editor)

Know Your Knees, William A. Mitchell, Technique.
Preventing injury.

Trampoline-related quadriplegia ..., Torg & Das (Pediatrics)
All coaches need be aware of this report which concludes trampoline and minitrampoline are dangerous devices ... and their use has no place in recreational, educational, or competitive gymnastics.

Lower Extremity Functional Progression, Larry Nassar, Steve Elliott & Tammy Biggs, Technique.
Getting back into tumbling & "stuck" landings after an injury.

Think you are flexible? Try to touch your elbows to the floor. Gymnast is Marina from Canmore Illusions Gym Club. A long torso will help.

American-Gymnast.com training tips: stomach strength
Photos & description

Training Leg Swings: Incorporating Leg Swings into Your Workouts, Tamara Biggs & Larry Nassar, Technique.

Circuit Training, Jay Thornton & Stephen McCain
(Scroll down the American Gymnast site home page to find the link.)

Static Stretching Reduces Power Production in Gymnasts, McNeal & Sands, Technique, 2001
The leading researchers in our sport recommend no static stretching before training; dynamic stretching is preferred.

Seven Fundamental Movements, Circuit Program Design, Bill Sands

Preparing to be your best, Jay Thornton
Personal perspective on essential variables to be Elite.

Christchurch School of Gymnastics <website>

Treatment of Rips on the Hands, Dr. Larry Nassar, Technique.

Gymnastics Rips, Rick McCharles, 2003

new gymnast “statue” - body preserved in plastic, Rick McCharles. Human specimens, including entire bodies, preserved through the process of Plastination, a technique that replaces bodily fluids and fat with plastic. A bit gruesome. GymnasticsCoaching.com

Plyometric Training for Children & Adolescents, Avery D. Faigenbaum & Donald A. Chu
Confirming what gymnastics coaches already know; plyometric training can be safe for kids.

Minimising Injuries in Gymnastics Activities, Patria Hume. Includes tips for coaches.

new “Vertimax” conditioning device, Rick McCharles. Used mainly for lower body conditioning, an excellent though expensive piece of equipment. GymnasticsCoaching.com

How to be a High Performance Machine, Kim LaPiana, Technique.
High performance nutrition.

Food Cravings, Michelle Dusserre-Farrell, Technique.

Female Athlete, Specifically in the Weight Room, Meg Stone. USOlympicTeam.com

Are You Having a Snack Attack?, Kim LaPiana, Technique.
To snack at the gym, or not to snack.

Specific Nutritional Needs for Female Athletes, Dawn Weatherax. USOlympicTeam.com

The Creatine Controversy, David Kruse, US Gymnast

Photo courtesy of Sing Lo <website>

Timbomb.net Abdominal Training FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Getting to the Core , Chris Colba, Technique, Mar 2005
Medicine ball drills for the core body

Tips to Prevent Gymnastics Injuries, Orthopaedic Surgeons

new hand care - shaving calluses, Rick McCharles. Use water and a bread knife says James Bathurst. GymnasticsCoaching.com

Strength Training Fundamentals in Gymnastics Conditioning, James Major, Technique.

new video training balance - Indo board, Rick McCharles. The most challenging wobble board I've seen. GymnasticsCoaching.com

Talent Identification in Elite Gymnasts: Why Body Size is so Important, Joanne Richards (Western Australian Institute of Sport Gymnastics)
Female gymnasts excel who are small & strong.

Looking for more? Use Google, the best search engine.


Christchurch School of Gymnastics <website>


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gymnastics coaching

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