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At a glance:

  • this site helps independent hikers organize
  • you MUST book months in advance!
  • new on-line track availability & reservations
  • new Track availability & forums
  • open 25 October 2005 to 26 April 2006
  • most famous (and expensive) hike in New Zealand
  • easy alpine hike over a high pass to Milford Sound
  • minimum of 53.5 km (plus side trips)
  • restricted to 3 nights, 4 days on the Track
  • restricted to specified huts (no tenting allowed) restricted to 40 indpendent hikers / day
  • no food and drink available to purchase en route
  • recommended late October through April
  • often very wet
  • sandflies can be a nuisance
  • Dec. 2004 tour companies caught bringing on too many hikers <article>

Milford Sound

Finest Walk in the World?

The most famous tramp in New Zealand, the Milford Track is often called the Finest Walk in the World. It is great — 4 days; over a mountain saddle, sprayed by spectacular Sutherland Falls, boating on spectacular Milford Sound. Rudyard Kipling called Milford Sound the eighth wonder of the world.

The Milford Track is wild wet terrain; lakes, rivers, waterfalls, rainforest, beech and podocarp forest, alpine meadows. The fishing is superb. You enjoy amazing views from well marked, mostly easy track.

Some (including many Kiwis) prefer nearby alpine alternatives; the Routeburn, Kepler, Cascade Saddle or Dusky Sound Tracks. No doubt about it, the Southern Alps of New Zealand is one of the most fabulous hiking destinations on Earth.

Want to know more? First check the FAQS (frequently asked questions).

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