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Update. This site is no longer being updated. Instead, check our NEW page: Nootka Trail

At a glance:

  • this site helps independent hikers organize
  • new Leadem's must-have 2005 guidebook
  • wild, undeveloped, non-maintained
  • some sites may be crowded & dirty
  • alternative to the West Coast Trail
  • no quota, no reservation, no Permit required
  • hikers asked to pay C$40 at Friendly Cove
  • for experienced wilderness hikers only
  • Nootka Island transport must be arranged
  • Uchuck ferry may require advanced booking during high season
  • we recommend 5-7 days on the Trail
  • somewhat tide dependent
  • difficult sections
  • you must carry a heavy pack & your own tent
  • Trail recommended May 1 to Sept 30
  • often miserably wet & exposed
  • new wilderness retreat accommodation at Beano
  • numerous rivers to wade
Close-up photo of an immature bald eagle.
young bald eagle
Game to hike the Nootka Trail?

On the west coast of Nootka Island nothing stands between you and Japan.

This Canadian west coast adventure was almost unknown before announced by the September 2001 Backpacker magazine cover: Savage Coast. A Tale of Survival, Beating the Odds, and an Unforgettable Hike.

Kudos to west coast guru Tim Leadem for including Nootka in his excellent Hiking the West Coast of Vancouver Island, 2005. This is still the only guidebook & it is essential.

Huge old growth trees, lovely beaches, tidal pools, plentiful sea life, rocky headlands, spacious rock shelf, wading creeks. This is the famous West Coast Trail without any bridges, ladders or helpful Park Wardens. This is not an official hike. The Nootka is not in a Park. This is a hike for self-sufficient, coast-experienced survivors only.

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